Taekwondo America
2018 Fall National Tournament
September 21 & 22
Dallas, TX
Marriott at Legacy Town Center

Join us as we celebrate Taekwondo America's 25th Anniversary at our Fall National Tournament!

Competitions for ALL students of ALL Ages!

Here's your chance to have a blast, test your taekwondo skills, and see history happen as Taekwondo America awards its first-ever 9th degree black belt to Mr. Robby Lacy.

Students from all over the country will travel to this event to participate.

This opportunity only comes twice a year - and only once every TWO years to Texas - SO DON'T MISS OUT!

Early and Basic Skillz Students have their own special division usually run by Mrs. Chapman!

Students can compete in forms, one-steps/sparring, board breaking and team sparring competitions!*

*Some competitions have belt rank requirements to meet


Tournament Schedule
Friday, September 21
1p.m. - National Testing for 3rd degree and above
5p.m. - Opening Ceremonies: School Owner Rank Presentations and Mr. Kesler (Mrs. Chapman's instructor) 7th degree demonstration
5:30p.m. - High Rank Competition for 3rd degree and higher black belts (See Mrs. Chapman compete!)
7:30p.m. - Team Sparring

Saturday, September 22

9a.m .- 2 p.m. - All competitors (specific times and ring assignments provided a few days prior to the tournament)
9a.m. - 3:30p.m. - Board Breaking Challenge
2 p.m. Closing Ceremony Demonstration



    Three different competition options for students depending on age and belt rank:
    Registrations Due September 15!

    Forms/One-Steps or Sparring

    REGULAR  Competition - Your Chance to Earn TWO medals!

    FOR:  ALL Early and Basic Skillz students and
    kid/teen/adult students

    INCLUDES: Forms Competition (Skillz students will only compete in forms) AND one-step or sparring Competition

    Forms/Sparring AND board breaking

    SPORTS Competition - Your Chance to Earn THREE medals!

    FOR: All kid/teen/adult students who are Green Belts and higher ranks

    INCLUDES:  Forms Competition, Sparring Competition, AND Board Breaking Challenge

    Forms/Sparring, Board Breaking AND Team Sparring

    ULTIMATE Competition -
    Your Chance to Earn FOUR Medals!

    FOR: All kid/teen/adult students who are Green belts and higher ranks

    INCLUDES: Forms Competition, Sparring Competition, Board Breaking Challenge, AND Team Sparring

    Regular competition


    • Forms Competition (Skillz students only compete in forms)
    •  One Steps or Sparring Competition
    • For ALL students

    Sports Competition


    •  Forms Competition
    • Sparring Competition
    • Board Breaking Challenge
    • For kid, teen & adult Green Belts & up

    ultimate competition


    • Forms Competition
    •  Sparring Competition
    • Board Breaking Challenge
    •  Team Sparring
    • For kid, teen & adult Green Belts & up

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    7121 Bishop Road
    Plano, TX 75024

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