This program is designed for participants 8 years and older. Students advance through levels beginning at the Introductory Level going through the Advanced Level, which sets them up to begin preparing for the Black Belt Test.

Fast-paced full Tang Soo Do experience. This program is not watered down, this is why we have separate classes for forms and techniques, and sparring. The forms and techniques classes are organized by skill level, which allows a higher detailed instruction. The sparring classes are very active and students get a great workout. This rounded approach to training ensures that students are ready for whatever the world has to offer.

Students learn that KNOWLEDGE + EFFORT = RESULTS.

We use a number of strategies and activities to keep the classes interesting, while maintaining the quality of instruction. Rest assured, our students work plenty hard in order to be ready to test on time. They also know that if they do not put in the effort they may not test.

While this training is challenging, the biggest benefit is in the life skills that martial arts training teaches. Lessons like respect, perseverance, courage, loyalty, self-discipline, focus, and self-control.

Our students train very hard in these classes. Each class follows a predetermined schedule to ensure we are able to get everything done in the allotted time.

At the same time, students are held accountable for retention of material and some practice at home. Home practice is necessary, especially at the advanced levels, since the forms and techniques are much more complicated.

It is a long established fact that the lessons we teach stay with children the rest of their lives.

“Ms. Clarissa listens to us and treats us all as individuals and Master Bill makes sure we’re learning what we’re supposed to learn while treating each other well.” 

K. Age 8


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