This program is flexible to accommodate the needs of active adults and parents

Adults train at Pak's Ponte Vedra for a variety of reasons. Perhaps they practiced martial arts when they were younger. Maybe they are looking to regain youthful movement patterns and flexibility. They may be looking to learn how to defend themselves. Or they may just be looking for something different that is a good workout with like-minded enthusiasts. Whatever the reason, they are welcome here.

Adult classes follow the standard curriculum, that we modify to accommodate physical limitations that adults may be experiencing. We have experience dealing with a number of injuries and work hard to help students do the best they can, to be successful.

The Adult classes are for serious students that are 16 years and older.

We have a great group of adults that come here to get a good workout in a welcoming environment. They do a great job encouraging each other and making each other feel welcome.

There is not a lot of pressure on the Adults to promote up. They are welcome to promote at their own time, when they are ready.

"I've been a student for almost four years and the training just gets better and better! Last class was amazing, fitness, forms, self defense, multi-opponent sparring, it was fantastic"

John H.


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